Fort Collins

CanDo Fort Collins

The CanDo Fort Collins Coalition is made up of community members and organizations who care about health and wellness in the Fort Collins community. CanDo staff and coalition partners facilitate several subcommittes focusing on the food environment, the built environment, community gardens, school wellness and worksite wellness. CanDo staff also facilitate the Vida Sana Coalition to promote health equity for Hispanic/Latino and low-income residents. The coalition meets quarterly as a whole to review progress and share successes.

Next meeting -  Thursday, July 30 from 8:00-10:00am at the UC Health Caribou Training Room (2002 Caribou Dr. Suite 100)

How we’re stuctured

Healthy Food Environment Network

The Fort Collins Healthy Food Environment Network addresses the need for a coordinated community-wide effort to make the healthy choice the easy choice. Community members and representatives from various agencies are coming together to influence the access, marketing and education of healthy food choices in organizations throughout the community.

Built Environment

The Health and Built Environment Leadership Team (HBELT) engages decision makers from various governmental and quasi-governmental jurisdictions in a process to formally integrate health into the planning, development and design of Fort Collins.

The Built Environment Work Group (BEWG) is comprised of citizens and agency representatives from the Fort Collins community committed to elevating awareness and pursuing policy solutions to promote health through the built environment.

Vida Sana

Through a grant from the state Office of Health Disparities, CanDo staff facilitate the Vida Sana Coalition, a group of over 200 community members who have worked together to identify the risk factors among the Latino/Hispanic community that are contributing to health disparities and create a community based solution. For more information, contact Edgar Dominguez at or 970-495-7519.

Well City Task Force

The purpose of the Well City Task Force is to network and collaborate on projects that support healthy eating, physical activity, and healthy weights for adults in the Fort Collins area. The current focus for this committee is promoting worksite wellness through the Fort Collins Well City Initiative.


The PSD Wellness Advisory Council for Schools (WACS) is implemented by the district and made up of appointed school staff, administrators, parents, and community members focused on improving support for and adherence to the district wellness policy. CanDo staff hold a permanent seat on the council and serve as a conduit between its members and PSD Wellness. For more information, contact Ashley Schwader, District Wellness Coordinator, at 970-490-3455.