CanDo Loveland

The CanDo Loveland Coalition is made up of over 50 volunteers from local organizations and families who work together to accomplish CanDo’s goals of promoting healthy eating and physical activity throughout Loveland. The coalition has subcommittees that work on specific strategies related to schools, community gardens and the neighborhood engagement. CanDo Loveland strategies also focus on the food environment and the built environment. The coalition meets quarterly as a whole to review progress and share successes. Want to get involved? Please complete a Member Information Form.

Please attend the City Council meeting to show your support for CTF priorities!

When: October 18th at 5:45pm
Where: Loveland City Hall

We’ll meet outside Loveland City Hall at 5:45 and enter City Hall as a group.

Join us for public comment or to show support for CTF priorities during the first reading of the City of Loveland budget.

Since May, CTF has worked hard to give feedback and develop priorities on creating and supporting a safe bicycle and pedestrian system. The goal of CTF was to influence the City of Loveland budget through an increase in funding that supports bicycle and pedestrian systems.

To learn more about the current capital improvement funds proposed in the budget please click here.To learn more about the CTF efforts, please see below.

If you would like to participate in public comment, please contact Kelly Haworth before October 18th.

We hope to see everyone there!

Lovleand Citizen Task Force

Citizens Task Force for walking and biking is working to ensure that Loveland is a community where biking and walking is safe, fun and easy. Join us for our first meeting where we will learn more about the City of Loveland budgeting process, advocacy efforts, and identify bike and pedestrian assets and areas of improvement. View the outreach information sheet here.

Since May 2016, CanDo has facilitated the Citizen’s Task Force for Walking and Biking (CTF) and has focused coalition meetings on advocacy and education efforts in order to create a safe and accessible bike and pedestrian system. From May through July 2016, over 70 Loveland residents have attended the educational sessions that have focused on a variety of topics, including the City’s budget process, the Downtown Development Authority’s formation and taxing structure, and the Parks and Recreation Department’s master plan and capital plan.  Additionally, at each educational gathering, CanDo solicited feedback from residents on their own biking and walking experiences and preferences. This insightful and valuable feedback has been categorized and can be accessed here. Key topics include safety, access across the community as well as the Recreational Trail specifically. Specific bicycle and pedestrian projects that would enhance biking and walking experiences and frequency are also listed.

CTF Goals and Project Priorities 


Long Term Goal: A long-term sustainable funding source for bike and pedestrian improvement

Short Term Goal: A dedicated staff member for implementation and coordination of bike and pedestrian infrastructure and projects within the City of Loveland, such as a bike and pedestrian coordinator 

Additionally, the following projects were prioritized through your feedback and input:

  1. Add more bike racks and designated bike parking throughout town
  2. Add a recreational path along BNSF, as identified in bike and pedestrian master plan
  3. Add more wayfinding throughout town (along recreational path, to downtown, to identify popular and safe bike routes)
  4. Widen and improve N. Boyd Lake, as identified in bike and pedestrian master plan
  5. Link downtown through a connection at Fairgrounds Park
  6. Add a connection from North Side of town into Downtown


Neighborhood Empowerment Teams

The Neighborhood Empowerment Teams (NET) are an alliance of neighborhood residents and staff from the City of Loveland and CanDo.  The goal for each NET is to build understanding and support for improved opportunities for healthy eating and active living in their neighborhoods. For more information, contact Katie Guthrie, Loveland Health Planner, at

TSD District Wellness Committee

CanDo partners with Thompson School District to promote wellness in schools. TSD’s District Wellness Committee works on providing resources and technical assistance to help schools incorporate more physical activity and healthy eating. For more info on this committee, please contact Kathy Schlepp at or (970)613-5127.