Healthy kids learn better! Research shows important links between physical activity, healthy eating, and academic performance. Schools and families play an important role in helping our kids eat well, stay active, and do well in school!

CanDo partners with Thompson and Poudre School Districts to promote wellness through technical assistance, advocacy, and the provision of resources on healthy eating and active living. CanDo encourages schools to use the Coordinated School Health Model to work towards building a healthy school environment for students, staff, and families.

Click on the School Wellness Resource Kit below to download the resources you need to create a healthy school environment.

Coordinated School Health

The Coordinated School Health Model is a collaborative effort between 8 important components of school wellness:

  1. Physical Education
  2. Health Services
  3. Nutrition Services
  4. Counseling, Psychological, & Social Services
  5. Health Education
  6. Healthy School Environment,
  7. Health Promotion for Staff
  8. Family & Community Involvement.

All 8 components work together to create a healthy learning environment. Learn more about Coordinated School Health here.

SWRKSchool Wellness      Resource Kit

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Use the School Wellness Resource Kit and the 6 Steps to School Wellness to help you begin a wellness initiative at your school!

Local School Wellness Initiatives

Poudre School District

Over forty schools in Poudre School District have wellness teams. Contact your school or Ashley Schwader, District Wellness Coordinator, at 970-490-3455 or

PSD Welllness Program Website

Thompson School District

Over thirty schools in Thompson School District have wellness teams and all schools are required to write a yearly wellness plan. Contact your school or Kathy Schlepp, District Wellness Coordinator, at 970-613-5127 or

TSD Wellness Program Website

Wellness Team Resources

Poudre School District
Thompson School District

Resources & Quick Links

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What’s Happening to PE

PE for Me! Support More Physical Education and Activity in Our Schools

Given the growing epidemic of childhood obesity and the link between physical activity and academic performance, parents and schools must work together to make daily physical education a priority in our schools.

Currently in our local schools elementary school students on average receive only 50- 60 minutes of PE per week compared to the national recommendation of 150 minutes per week. Similarly, at the secondary level, some students only receive one semester of required PE when national recommendations are 225 minutes per week. Learn More 

Parents and community members who support more opportunities for children to be active, including in PE, can voice this thruogh the setting of yearly school budget priorities, serving on school accountability committees or in parent/teacher organizations

In 2010 voters in PSD approved the use of mill/bond funds for PE and wellness. In 2012, PSD’s Board of Education included measuring student yearly fitness levels and their District End Statements.

For additional resources on the importance of PE and how to advocate for better quality PE visit