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Over 50% of corporate profits are consumed by health care costs. Yet, up to 70% percent of the burden of illness and the associated costs are preventable! Comprehensive worksite wellness programs have been proven to reduce corporate costs associated with health care, worker’s compensation, and productivity.

Worksite Wellness in Fort Collins and Loveland

CanDo supports worksite wellness in the Fort Collins and Loveland communities through training and networking opportunities.  CanDo staff members are also available to provide free technical assistance to your company as you navigate the Well Workplace Model. Contact Kim Barman at (970) 495-7517 or to learn how your company can get involved.


Well Workplace Model - Large Business

Step Resources

1. Capture senior level support

Fact sheet
Sample vision statement

2. Create a wellness team

Sample roster
Sample agenda
Sample minutes

3. Collect data to drive health efforts

Sample interest survey & culture audit
Data collection Resources

4. Craft an operating plan

Operating plan template
Sample operating plan 1
Sample operating plan 2
Sample operating plan 3
Sample vision/mission
Budget guide

5. Choose appropriate interventions

Local Resources

Colorado Worksites: Resources and Tools for Implementing Wellness

WELCOA Free Incentive Campaigns

6. Create a supportive environment

Sample healthy eating guidelines

Sample drug/alcohol policies
Sample smoking policies (Fort Collins)
Sample emergency procedures
Colorado Seatbelt policies

7. Consistently evaluate outcomes

Evaluation resources
Evaluation sample 1

Well Workplace Model - Small Business


1. Capture senior level support

Fact sheet
Sample vision statement

2. Designate a company wellness leader

Sample job description

3. Conduct employee interest survey

Sample interest survey & culture audit

4. Provide opportunity for health screening

Health screening and data collection resources

5. Administer an annual physical activity campaign

Physical activity resources

6. Hold a healthy eating lunch & learn

Nutrition and weight management resources

7. Establish an in-house wellness library

Wellness library

8. Disseminate a health newsletter

Newsletter resources

9. Implement healthy policies and procedures

Drug/alcohol policies
Smoking policies
Emergency procedures
Seatbelt policies

10. Support community health efforts

Foot of the Rockies - Running events in
and around Fort Collins
FC Bikes - Cycling events in and
around Fort Collins
Loveland Road Runners – Running events in
and around Loveland
PEDAL Club – Cycling rides and
events in Loveland

Worksite Wellness Resources


Hold the Holidays Weight Management turn-key guide.

Meeting Well Healthy Catering Guide:  Fort Collins  Loveland

Fort Collins Well City Initiative

Well City USA is a national program of the Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA). It is a community-wide initiative that encourages employers to develop worksite wellness programs that meet the standards of excellence as defined by the Well Workplace Model. Only 9 communities in the US have received this designation, and our goal is to make Fort Collins the 10th Well City! To achieve a Well City USA designation, at least 20 percent of the community’s workforce (with a minimum of 20 companies) must be employed by a Well Workplace Award winning company.

Click here to learn more about Fort Collins Well City Initiative and Becoming a Well Workplace

Well Workplace Networking Sessions

CanDo offers free networking sessions to provide mentoring, networking, and assistance to companies participating in or interested in implementing a worksite wellness program.

Next Well Workplace Networking Session: TBD. Location: Community Room at 215 N. Mason St., Fort Collins.

Wellness at Work!

Read more about how local businesses are incorporating wellness into their worksites.

CanDo spotlight!


CanDo has established a formal Healthy Meeting Policy - feel free to use it at your organization!